About Us

BB CinqueTerre Rentals is a new company based in the little village of Manarola, in Cinque Terre, offering tours and boat rentals. Discover the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets from the sea, enjoy a ride with us!

BB CinqueTerre Rentals was born from the collaboration of two local entrepreneurs: Eugenio Bordoni and Tony Bellante.

Eugenio Bordoni

Founder of Arbaspàa, a native of Manarola, he started his business in the tourism after meeting Catherina Unger: her experience in tour operators and the particular situation in the Cinque Terre are the starting point. As two pioneers, “we looked for a fund, adapted a vacant room at home and started working for the Cinque Terre National Park when it opened training and ticketing centers”. The rest is the story of a company in constant growth, capable of enhancing the territory and attracting new customers from all over the world.

Tony Bellante

Co-founder of BB Cinque Terre Rentals, Tony is the captain: he will let you discover all the beauties of the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets

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